Language Stars Team

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The Language Stars team consists of more than 100 enthusiastic, dedicated and nurturing teachers and directors from across the globe who are committed to the best foreign language education for children.

Our team strives daily to bring to life each child’s potential to learn a foreign language naturally. From a large, global pool of qualified candidates, we select an average of one in 50 based on his or her teaching talent, effectiveness with young children and native language skills. Our team represents diverse national and cultural backgrounds and holds degrees from top US and foreign institutions.

We are passionate educators, administrators and linguists who bring years of experience teaching and managing elementary school classrooms in countries from across the globe. Many of us grew up bilingually and understand the value and ease of learning a second or third language at a young age. All of us recognize the importance of fostering a generation of multilingual children who will enjoy greater future opportunities in our increasingly global market-place.

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