Making Language Fun

We Make Language Learning Fun!

Our FunImmersion® programs are 100% fun and 100% immersion!

Language Stars' FunImmersion® method maximizes fun in a full-immersion setting. It is the most effective method for teaching children a foreign language.
Our dynamic, native-speaking teachers immerse children entirely in the target language through a high-energy mix of games, projects, music & movement, treasure hunts and other activities that have been designed to promote learning and fun. Children are immediately engaged in a variety of interactive, play-based, age-appropriate activities.
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FunImmersion® is 100% Fun!

  • Our curriculum and linguistic goals are embedded in art projects, games, relay races, cooking projects, drama, singing, and more, all designed to appeal to a young child's sense of discovery and fun.

  • This hands-on, interactive, high-energy approach ensures that children are motivated and engaged while learning at the same time.
  • Weekly themes such as Dinosaur Adventure, Robot World, Camp Fun, Space Explorers, At the Beach and more, contextualize the learning experience for children.

  • Our teachers use dramatic presentation, miming, gestures, facial expressions and silliness to enhance both comprehension and fun.

  • The high energy FunImmersion® method encourages children to become active participants in the language.

  • Our engaging activities and hands-on, demonstrative approach foster a positive, can-do attitude toward language learning.

FunImmersion® is 100% Immersion!

  • We take advantage of the window of opportunity from birth to adolescence when the brain is hard-wired to learn language naturally.

  • From the moment children enter the classroom, they are fully immersed in the foreign language.

    Children are able to follow along immediately:

    • We use bright, clear visuals, dynamic gestures, miming, vivid facial expressions, and dramatic voices to facilitate comprehension in the context of 100% immersion.
    • We provide consistent language clues, use choice questions, model answers and prompt group repetition to help children speak the new language.
    • We use a system of rhythmic chanting to promote retention and retrieval of new words and key language structures.
    • We use sheltered language—simple, well articulated, consistent phrases—to promote comprehension and speaking.

  • This full-immersion approach takes advantage of children's unique ability to absorb a foreign language naturally, the same way they absorbed their first language.

  • In a full-immersion setting, children learn a new language without having to translate.

  • Our native-speaking teachers use the foreign language for the entire session, taking advantage of a young child's ability to mimic native accents flawlessly.

  • Children are encouraged to actively use the foreign language throughout the course of each session.

  • Our small groups of 4-8 children foster individualized learning; our teachers challenge each child to develop comprehension, basic verbal skills and increased spontaneous speech at his or her own pace.

  • In this multi-level learning environment, newcomers learn from peer-models while more experienced children build confidence and leadership alongside more advanced language skills.


Read More about the Language Star Curriculum and the how FunImmersion® works.


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"My husband and I firmly believe we are giving our children a tremendous advantage....We believe their immersion in another language has expanded their intellectual capability and will provide a tremendous advantage for them as adults." Cathy Hall
Language Stars Parent