Around the World Music CD

We are thrilled to present our popular Around the World with Language Stars music CD!

Around the World with Language Stars contains 77 popular Language Stars songs in each of Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Mandarin! Practice your target language with our newest product, and benefit from bonus tracks in other languages.

Enjoy our lyric book with original words and English translations. It's a great way to reinforce language learning at home or on the go!

Around the World with Language Stars can be purchased for $17 at your Language Stars Center or through PayPal via the link below. (Online payments require additional costs for shipping and handling.)


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"It goes without saying that Leah is learning Spanish. What I value more, however, are the Language Stars teachers and environment that have enabled her to blossom and become the self-confident, verbal, and happy child I see today."

Language Stars Parent