Foreign Language Programs for Kids

Language Stars offers a variety of foreign language programs for kids from 12 months to 10 years of age. Whether you're enrolling your child for a Parents & Tots class, or dropping off for a Kids Only class, we know that your child will have fun, gain confidence, and make tremendous strides in his or her target language. These aren't your typical classes or language lessons — this is play-based education in a full immersion foreign language setting with native speaking teachers from over 20 countries, and amazing results!

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Parents & Tots Classes: Ages 1-3

Join your child in our Parents & Tots program! Toddlers learn along with mom, dad, or a caregiver and focus on building foundational vocabulary. Each week's curriculum features a targeted Learning Topic such as colors, clothing, food, or body parts. Every weekly song, game, activity, snack and art project is designed to reinforce this key Learning Topic through exciting activities. Parents and children learn together, incorporating new words into simple phrases with parachutes, puppets, bubbles, books, and more!

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Kids Only Classes: Ages 3-5, 5-8 and 8-10

In our Kids Only classes, children climb the Language Stars Learning Ladder, building valuable foreign language skills with each step up. These full immersion programs engage, entertain, and educate, entirely in the foreign language! Your child will learn to communicate actively in age-appropriate groups of 4-10 children. We track and communicate individual learning progress regularly.

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Language Scholars

To accelerate your child’s language development, we are now offering a special Language Scholars program designed to:

  • Complement your existing preschool schedule with language (3 days/week at preschool, 2 days/week at Language Stars)
  • Promote bilingualism (6 hours/week in your chosen language)
  • Promote multilingualism (3 hours/week in each of two languages)

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Summer Camps

Language Stars offers day camps that meet weekly as well as week-long summer camp experiences. Summer programs provide an opportunity for increased language exposure through a variety of fun outdoor and indoor activities to reinforce the language. For example, while making a snow cone, our students spontaneously use their target language to request flavors, colors, and what they like and don't like. Indoor bingo tournaments bring out their natural ability to communicate what numbers, animals or foods they have or don't have on their game boards. Summer campers have such a blast that they often forget they are experiencing it in another language. 

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Foreign Language Blasts

Foreign Language Blasts are one-time classes of  FunImmersion® with exciting and unique themes. Foreign Language Blasts are open to new and current families and are taught in Spanish, Mandarin and French for 3-8 year olds. Our next sessions are starting soon!

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