Kids Only Programs

In Language Stars' Kids Only classes, children climb the Language Stars Learning Ladder and build valuable foreign language skills with each step up. These full immersion programs engage, entertain, and educate, entirely in the foreign language!
Your child will learn to communicate actively in age-appropriate groups of 4-10 children. We track and communicate individual language learning progress regularly.
Students typically attend one to two programs per week. We strongly recommend the reinforcement of twice a week, where possible, to provide maximum results. 

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3 to 5 Years

Children focus on introductory vocabulary in the context of a functional structure. For example, a week on "Pet Shop" might focus on animal vocabulary (dog, cat, fish) in the context of an "I have ___" structure: "I have two cats. I don’t have a dog." Children absorb and practice the language while enjoying games, music, movement, puppets, arts & crafts, and more!

5 to 8 Years

Children learn conversational basics ("My name is," "I’m ___ years old," "I live in___") in addition to functional structures such as expressing likes and dislikes, describing motion, describing health and emotions, describing locations, and more. Children actively practice the language via relay races and obstacle courses, cooking projects, competitive games, singing, art, and more! 

8 to 10 Years

We introduce reading and writing in our 8 to 10-year-old classes. Students practice functional structures such as expressing opinions ("I think", "I like", "I prefer"), describing obligations ("before I can go out I have to"), or telling time. Students learn in the context of fun activities, projects, drama, and more, all focusing on engaging, relevant "tween topics," such as current books, music and movies.


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"Language Stars helps me speak in Spanish and understand Spanish so I can talk to relatives and friends in their language. I can also speak to Spanish people all around the world." Language Stars Student