Parents & Tots

Our Parents and Tots programs for 1 to 3-year-olds focus on building foundational vocabulary from the earliest ages.
Each week’s curriculum features a targeted Learning Topic such as colors, clothing, food, or body parts. Every weekly song, game, activity and art project is designed to reinforce this key Learning Topic.
Parents and children learn together, learning new words and simple phrases with parachutes, puppets, bubbles, books, and more!

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Why Now?

Learning a second language as an infant or toddler is as easy as learning to walk! Countless research studies have proven that between birth and age three the brain is developing crucial pathways and connections, and is hard-wired to acquire language naturally.
During this key window of opportunity, toddlers are able to acquire a native-like accent, and integrate the sounds, structures, intonation patterns and vocabulary without rote memorization or drills—an aspect of language learning that grows more difficult as they get older.
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"My husband and I firmly believe we are giving our children a tremendous advantage....We believe their immersion in another language has expanded their intellectual capability and will provide a tremendous advantage for them as adults." Cathy Hall
Language Stars Parent