Research about Language

The below links are a sampling of the academic research and news articles that explain why learning language young is so important, how the young brain processes language, and how children benefit in broader academic terms from their early language study.

Accents are Forever - Smithsonian Magazine

Ted Talk - Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies (Video link)

Why it Pays to be Bilingual

Hearing Bilingual: How Babies Sort Out Language - The New York Times

Mandarin Chinese Most Useful Business Language After English - Bloomberg News

Why It’s Smart to Be Bilingual - Newsweek

The Bilingual Advantage - The New York Times

Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power - National Public Radio

Should children learn a second language? - Los Angeles Times

Studies Find Language Is Key to Learning Math - Education Week

Milestones in Your Baby's Language Development - CNN Health

How Global Language Learning Gives Students the Edge -

Dr. Patricia Kuhl explains how the developing brain has an even greater capacity to acquire language than was thought (Video link)

What Does Research Show About the Benefits of Language Learning? (ACTFL)

How does language learning support academic achievement? (ACTFL)

How does language learning provide cognitive benefits to students? (ACTFL)

How does language learning affect attitudes and beliefs about language learning and about other cultures? (ACTFL)

Internationally Adopted Children Shed Light On How Babies Learn Language - Science Daily

What Babies Know About Grammar - Washington Post

Foreign Languages Fall as School Look for Cuts - New York Times

Unraveling How Kids Become Bilingual So Easily - MSNBC

For Baby The More Languages The Better - MSNBC

For Baby The More Languages The Better - MSNBC (Video link)

Why Study a Foreign Languare? - Learn NC

Bilingual Pupils Do Better In Exams, Report Finds - Education News (PDF)

Learning Second Language Changes Brain - Routers Limited (PDF)

That's Not Baby Talk; It's Your Kid Testing Her Grasp of Chinese - The Wall Street Journal (PDF)

Brain Research in the Foreign Language Classroom - University of Idaho (PDF)

News In Science - ABC Science Online (PDF)

Raise a Bilingual Kid -

Institute of International Education Shows U.S. Study Abroad Continues to Grow

Being Bilingual Boosts Brain Power - WebMD Health News

Early Launch for Language - The Washington Post

Bilingual Babies Can Distinguish Unfamiliar Languages - Science Daily, 2011

Bilingual Babies - The Roots of Bilingualism in Newborns - Science Daily, 2010

A Second Language Gives Toddlers an Edge - Science Daily, 2011

Bilingual Babies' Vocabulary Linked to Early Differentiation - Science Daily, 2011