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The Language Stars Difference

Language Stars provides the highest quality teachers speaking in their native languages from over 20 countries.
We provide the world’s best foreign language programs to help kids build cultural awareness, cognitive skills and creativity.

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Discover how Language Stars has helped students learn new and exciting languages on their journey to becoming multilingual!

What we do

Language Stars features a dynamic learning environment that helps children learn new languages and become global citizens. Native-speaking teachers use FunImmersion® to instruct young learners in Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German and Arabic.

3 reasons to choose Language Stars


We believe in a FunImmersion approach to learning. Fun games, cultural teachings and spirited songs strengthen language retention and cognitive development.

No-hassle policy

We proudly stand by our flexible, no-hassle policy. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, we’ll make it right by enrolling your young learner in a different class or by providing a refund.


Our native-speaking teachers will help mold young learners into global citizens. Students gain an authentic jump start in today’s multicultural world.

Student Center

Use the Language Stars Student Center to extend the FunImmersion experience to your home! With fun games and activities, the student center provides engaging resources to help your young learner become multilingual.


“Chase received a “5” on both his AP French and AP Spanish tests this year, as well as a perfect “36” score on the English part of his ACT test. It all started at Language Stars years ago and the method that you developed to start kids learning foreign languages at an early age. As you can see, it definitely shows results.”

Charles Taylor, Language Stars Parent
Language Stars parent

“The Language Stars teachers who have worked with my children are absolutely amazing! I have worked in and conducted research in over 100 elementary school classrooms over a period of about 20 years. It is without exaggeration that I can tell you that my children’s Language Stars teachers are really the best of the best! Their energy level is constant and contagious, their affection for the children is genuine, and their implementation of the curriculum is fantastic. If only they could teach my children in EVERY subject!”

Sondra Birch, Language Stars Parent

“Prior to finding Language Stars, we had canceled our elementary language program because we couldn’t find the quality we required. Since Language Stars started offering regular weekly classes, we couldn’t be more delighted! We have over 125 students taking Spanish, French or Mandarin Chinese with Language Stars, and we are thrilled with the curriculum and delivery. The teachers are outstanding, and the students are really making progress.”

Jenifer Lesan, PTA President of Churchill Road Elementary School (McLean, VA)

Teach a child a foreign language, and you give them the world.

The team at Language Stars is dedicated to growing future generations of multilingual Americans