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Language Stars offers classes taught by our native-speaking teachers for children ages 12 months to 12 years in 6 different languages, including: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, German and Arabic.

Academic Year classes, summer camps and more!

Parents & Tots classes: Ages 1-3

Toddlers learn along with their parents or a caregiver and focus on building foundational vocabulary. Each week’s curriculum features a targeted learning topic such as colors, clothing or food. Every weekly song, activity, snack and art project is designed to reinforce the key learning topic through exciting activities.

Kids Only classes: Ages 3-5, 5-8, 8-10, 10-12

In our Kids Only classes, your young learner will build valuable foreign language skills. Our native-speaking teachers use FunImmersion® to engage and educate, entirely in the language your child is learning. We track and share individual learning progress regularly and use small, age-appropriate groups to maximize the development of your young learner’s language skills.

Language Scholars

To accelerate your child’s language development, we offer special Language Scholars programs including:

  • Bronze: complement your existing preschool schedule (three days/week at preschool, two days/week at Language Stars in your chosen language)
  • Silver: promote bilingualism (six hours/week in your chosen language)
  • Gold: promote multilingualism (three hours/week in each of two languages)

Summer camps and summer classes

Language Stars summer camps and summer classes combine FunImmersion® with an enriching, educational experience. Summer programs provide an opportunity for increased language exposure through exciting outdoor and indoor activities. We offer two dynamic learning opportunities during the summer featuring fun themes like Kitchen Stars and Mad Scientists.

Summer Camps are a challenging and fun way to grow your child’s language skills. Perfect for families on-the-go with busy summer travel schedules.

Summer Classes are a great way to grow existing world language skills or to prepare them for classes in the Academic Year. Double up with a 3-hour class to nurture your child’s language skills and to see faster results.

Language Stars summer themes

Foreign Language Blasts

These one-time classes combine FunImmersion with exciting themes to expose children to a new language. Foreign Language Blasts are open to new and current families and are taught in Spanish, Mandarin and French for 3-8-year-olds.

Private lessons

Language Stars offers private, one-on-one instruction with our expert teachers to help accelerate your young learner’s language skills. Private lessons are an excellent complement to existing Language Stars classes and can include a sibling or friend.

Language tracks

Bilingual track

The Language Stars bilingual learning track is perfect to help accelerate and nurture your child’s development as they learn a new world language.

Bilingual programming

Multilingual track

The Language Stars multilingual track is a great way to expose your young learner to multiple world languages while providing the structure and support of teachers who are experienced helping kids learn more than one language at once. 

Multilingual programming