Children learn better when they are taught
in fun and engaging ways

Why FunImmersion?

Through our FunImmersion® approach to learning, native-speaking teachers provide fun and personalized instruction for students to successfully learn a new culture and language.

“Our curriculum is designed to support our FunImmersion learning philosophy. When kids are having fun and learning in different ways, they become passionate, excited and are more likely to retain their new language.”

Karen Gould, Director of Education at Language Stars

High-energy, interactive instruction enriches curriculum that excites each young learner.

Thematic units like ‘Language Stars Olympics’ and ‘Rock n Roll’ introduce vocabulary, phrases, cultural learning and more.

Children learn in a full immersion environment supported by bright visuals, vivid facial expressions, and exaggerated gestures. Students leave each class with smiles wide open.

How does FunImmersion
help my young learner?

Children learn in many different ways. We engage our young learners in a variety of listening, speaking, writing, reading and movement activities to promote learning and retention.

Our native-speaking teachers bring authentic accents and experiences to the classroom. This helps your child learn the language in the same way they learned their first language.

Students are engaged through fun activities that excite them both inside and outside the classroom.

Our online Student Center provides engaging opportunities to learn at home with parents, accelerating the learning process.

The proof is in the results

“Chase received a “5” on both his AP French and AP Spanish tests this year, as well as a perfect “36” score on the English part of his ACT test. It all started at Language Stars years ago and the method that you developed to start kids learning foreign languages at an early age. As you can see, it definitely shows results.”

Charles Taylor, proud parent of Language Stars alumnus, Chase Taylor.